January 2010

Dear Sisters in Ministry,

As we begin our 13th year of Connecting & Bonding, we are excited about those who will come for the first time and about seeing our sisters who return each year. Many friendships have formed over the years and it is a joy to see the growth in each of us from year to year.

I would like to share comments from three women who tell us why they keep coming back each year.

For a good many years I have embraced 1 Corinthians 15:58 as my life verse. In this scripture it states that your labor for God is never in vain. Sometimes I lose sight of this, and every year that I have been at Connecting & Bonding it reminds me of my determined life goal, to work with Jesus for the Kingdom's sake and no matter how hard some of my circumstances have been, no matter how hard the fight against the enemy to stay focused, it is worth it. Connecting & Bonding is a place where I am refueled and refreshed to continue living by my life's verse.

~ Thelma

I would like to share with you and everyone on the Connecting & Bonding team that I had a great experience. This was my first time attending and the timing was perfect. My husband and I had just lost his mom and my dad this past spring and early summer of 2009. Devastated is the only word I can use to describe how we were feeling. I was encouraged by my husband and a friend to go to the Connecting & Bonding conference, and I'm glad I did. Everyone was so encouraging, loving and understanding. This was exactly what I needed, for my broken spirit. All of you lifted me up, at the most difficult time of my life. Thank you, everyone. Mrs. May, a special thanks to you for starting this conference. It is truly needed. I pray it continues to grow for many years to come. God-Bless.

~ Sian

I became a pastor’s wife in 2001 and have been attending Connecting & Bonding since 2002. Why do I keep coming back each year? Well, first of all, it is an intentional time to stop and be still and listen to the Lord. He spoke to me so clearly at the first conference that I made a commitment to attend every year whether I thought I needed it or not. Somehow, God has always made a way for me to attend each year and He graciously allows me to both gain and give something new. In addition to this annual “spiritual health check-up,” I meet some of the most delightful women and we get to support and encourage one another on this journey. The speakers are excellent, the praise and worship is authentic, the accommodations are top-notch and the time for relationship with God and other women is worth every penny!

~ Anne

I hope someday you will get to meet these wonderful women at one of our conferences. Here are the dates:

The Lexington, Kentucky, conference takes place March 12 to 14. Our guest speaker will be Judy Hampton. Judy is a popular speaker best known for her entertaining speaking style. She is transparent, authentic, extremely humorous and biblically sound. Her testimony has aired several times on the Focus on the Family radio broadcast. Judy is also a free-lance writer with publications in several magazines. She is a contributing author in more than 25 books, including Chicken Soup for Christian Woman’s Soul as well as Kisses of Sunshine for Grandmas and Women. We look forward to having Judy with us this year.

The Los Angeles conference is scheduled September 3 to 6. One of our guest speakers is Joan Jackson. Joan is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and resides in San Diego, California. A former NFL player’s wife, she is a parent to two teenage sons. Joan has a wealth of experience. In addition to serving as the president of the Jackson Foundation, she has participated in women’s Bible seminars, the NFL Wives Association and shelters for battered women. She is also an active member of her church in San Diego. As elder’s wives we are women who live public lives in varying degrees. I look forward to having Joan share some of the good, bad, ugly and indifferent aspects of living a high profile lifestyle, as well as the hurts and pain and ways to heal and move on. You will be inspired by her unshakable faith in God, her authenticity as she shares her story and her dedication to helping women around the world.

This year we will be moving the Los Angeles conference to the Hilton Hotel in Ontario, which will be a money saver. The hotel is nice and close to the airport. I know you will enjoy staying there. More information to come.

The theme for this year is “Divine Surprises – When Life Puts Us in the Valley” (Philippians 4-19). Please mark your calendar with the dates of the conferences for 2010. You may register on our website at www.connectingandbonding.org and pay with a credit card, or save the registration form to your computer, complete, print and mail to the address noted on the form with your payment. Be sure to take notice of our three payment plans.

If, for economic reasons, you are not able to attend the entire conference, consider attending one day or an evening. This applies to both the Lexington and Los Angeles conferences. Please feel free to e-mail or call me at (626) 379-0505 and we will be happy to help in any way.

Thank you for your prayers for the ministry and for your support to help make a difference in the lives of many.



Jannice May
President, Connecting & Bonding