Be Refreshed

By Jannice May

A friend shared with me that she often promises to take more time for herself so she can be refreshed. She plans a day to take a long bubble bath or to read a good book or to get a manicure or pedicure or just to have lunch with friends. Then she surprised me by saying, “We women can’t keep promises we make to ourselves.”

How many of us have made similar promises to ourselves – promises we don’t keep? I know I have. I remember the many times I planned to have a time-out, to put everything on hold and to do something just for me. Yet something always seemed to come up to take precedence, or I would feel guilty and then I was back to the same old grind. We need to let go of the guilt and keep the promises we make to ourselves.

That’s what this year’s theme for Connecting & Bonding is all about: "Come Drink of the Living Waters and Be Refreshed." When we take a little time for ourselves, not only do we reap the benefits, but so do our families, friends and those we serve.

The Samaritan woman desperately needed to be refreshed when she met Jesus (John 4). She was alone, ostracized and so wiped out she gave up trying to live a decent life in fellowship with others. Jesus met her at her greatest need and told her about living waters that could satisfy all her needs. She received his call on her life and not only became refreshed, but also brought many others to the place of refreshment. Only Jesus and the living waters he provides can give us ultimate refreshing, but we can at least meet him half way. Even Jesus felt the need to get away from the crowds occasionally.

I know many of us are working hard at home to keep our families functioning, at jobs to provide extra income, at church to serve others and in our communities to be a light to the world. Then there's the added blessing of being a minister’s wife or perhaps a minister, and this, too, places extra demands on our time and energy. At the end of the day we may find we are too tired to think about ourselves or even Jesus. If we don’t take time to be refreshed, we will eventually have little left to give to others.

This year Connecting & Bonding will emphasize the importance of being refreshed and drinking of those living waters. Coming to a conference can be something you do just for you. Even if you are unable to attend I hope you realize God never intended you to be Super Woman. Taking some time for yourself is not a bad thing. Keep some of those promises you make to get away from it all once in a while and be refreshed!